The 2019 DEVEX Technical Programme will be released in February 2019. If you would like to be considered for the programme, please submit your abstract before the closing date. For more information on the submission process, click here.

This page includes information about the DEVEX Field Trip, the Young Professionals Event and Core Display.

DEVEX Field Trip – 9th May 2019, 8.00am-5.00pm

The Old Red Sandstone and Highland Border Complex of Kincardineshire.

Lead by – Simon Gould, Mearns Geoscience

8am – 5pm

The first half of the Field Trip will examine the coastal exposures at Crawton Bay, approximately 5 miles south of Stonehaven. The gently dipping coastal exposures allow inspection of the interaction between basaltic lava flows and fluvial conglomerates of the early Devonian Dunnotar-Crawton Group. The conglomerates are extremely coarse-grained, containing boulder-sized clasts within a coarse-grained, sandy matrix. Within the conglomerates, sandy barforms and channel fills are occasionally seen. Four basaltic lava flows punctuate the sequence, and are characterised by large, lath shaped phenocrysts of feldspar, and vesicles filled with calcite and quartz cements. Good examples of columnar jointing are also seen in vertical and bedding plane sections.

The afternoon part of the Field Trip will move inland to the Edzell area to examine exposures along the popular Blue Door walk which follows the River North Esk upstream. North of Gannochy Bridge on the B966, excellent exposures provide a section through the northern limb of the Strathmore Syncline, which formed in the middle Devonian adjacent to the Highland Boundary Fault. The early Devonian, Lower Old Red Sandstone succession alternates between coarse-grained conglomerates, thick multi-storey sandstone packages and more thinly-bedded sheet sandstone units, with the section being substantially different from that seen at Crawton. The early Devonian section overlies Siluro-Ordocivian marine sands, shales and basic igneous rocks of the Highland Border Complex, which record the deposition within, and the closure of the Iapetus Ocean.

This trip aims to highlight the breadth and depth of the geological landscape, all applicable to the UKCS, on the doorstep of Aberdeen.
A buffet lunch will be provided in the at the Georgian mansion house located in the magnificent surroundings of the Burn Estate, adjacent to the River North Esk.

At Crawton, some localities require ascent and descent of short, steep grassy cliff slopes, and the total walking distance will be approximately 1 mile.

At Glen Esk, some localities require ascent and descent of short, steep paths to the riverside, and the total walking distance will be approximately 3 miles.

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DEVEX Young Professionals Event – 7th May 2019, 3.30pm

Oil & Gas: Innovative, Leaner, Smarter – The Road Ahead.

At times, the oil and gas sector, like many others runs the risk of being inward looking particularly when it comes to dealing with broad challenges. As is often the case in science many technologies have evolved at the edge of disciplines and this sort of cross-pollination is the norm in Aeronautics and the Space Industries. 2019 is a crucial year with markets balancing and renewed optimism spreading; the future is bright for Young Professionals.

The Young Professionals event is a key part of DEVEX and will consist of presentations from 3-4 speakers with a range of experience to set out their vision for the future of the industry.

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DEVEX 2019 Core

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